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How we work

RVB's core values dictate that the client’s interests are paramount. The key role is to assist clients in identifying and managing foreign exchange currency risk and facilitating the execution and delivery of funds.

RVB delivers a blend of intelligent and practical risk management and execution solutions, with the sole aim of protecting our clients from losing money unnecessarily due to currency market movement and volatility. 

RVB believe in building long-term relationships with clients and seek to establish an in-depth understanding of the underlying coggs of businesses and importantly how currency impacts he business objectives and profitability. 

RVB maintain a healthy skepticism of the transparency in foreign exchange pricing and the benefit of certain currency risk management hedging products offered in the market. Therefore RVB are committed to providing the most cost effective currency risk management solutions to clients.

RVB do not give advise on, or assist in the engagement of speculative trading.

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